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Show and Tell – What Crack?

55th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy

The postings for this carnival can be found on the Creative Gene blog at  The subject for the 55th Carnival is “Show and Tell.”  I was one of those kids who really didn’t like Show and Tell.  I always had some great stuff and some great ideas but always stressed out that the other kids wouldn’t see how cool my stuff was.  I needed a lot of affirmation in those days.  Who am I kidding I still need a lot of affirmation (hint, hint).  So at first I really didn’t intend to take advantage of this opportunity to show some of my cool stuff.  I finally convinced myself, that I was a big boy now and I could handle it.  So with that not too subtle disclaimer, here is my offering.

Item #1

We have a lot of old pictures from my dad’s family because one of his aunts owned a photo studio in Mangum, Oklahoma.  Because my father was the oldest son of the oldest son of the family, he got a lot of attention. The picture I am sharing is a baby picture of Dad when he was less than four months old. We know that because he was born in August, 1911 and the picture is dated ’11.  We know that it was taken at the Yoder Studio in Mangum, because his aunt, Minnie Yoder Cheek was the photographer.  But to our sorrow at some point in it’s 80 year journey from the studio to us, the picture was bent leaving a large crack all the way across the front.  You can tell from the header picture on the page, someone along the way did not take very good care of the family pictures.  I have done a lot of photography, both behind the lens and in the dark room and I did not know of anyway to repair the damage that would not do more damage in the process.  So the picture stay safely put away in order to preserve it from further damage.  That was until I discovered Adobe Photoshop.   I have worked with a number of graphic programs in the past 15 years but none that really let you do much with photographs. But now here was a sophisticated tool that approached giving you the same kind of control over image quality that you have in a good dark room as well as a number of very useful digital tools.

After discovering some of the features I decided to jump right in and see how it would do with a really difficult project. Just how well would I be able repair the damage to Dad’s picture digitally. After carefully scanning the picture in to several high resolution tiff files, I started to work. My first few attempts were not too successful, but I was gaining confidence and hopefully some skill with each new attempt. I was excited to see the old picture finally begin to look like new again. While it is not yet perfect, notice the irregularities around the frame, Item #2 is of sufficient quality that I was willing to share and made copies for most of the family.

Item #2

I’m not sure how Dad would feel about all of the world seeing him wearing a dress, but I know Aunt Minnie would be proud.


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Wordless Wednesday: Families

“Families.” Digital Image. Photographed by Richard O. Cheek, 8 June 2005. Privately held by Richard O. Cheek, Midwest City, OK, 2005.

Wordless Wednesday

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My Favorite Photograph

As part of the 4th Edition of the “I Smile for the Camera” Carnival hosted at footnoteMaven’s Shades of the Departed online publication, participants must pick a favorite photograph and explain why it is so

The title of this has to have a disclaimer.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to pick out one photograph as my favorite.  So for the record the one below is my favorite right now (10:00 pm, 10 August 2008).  Even after saying that I am including the 2nd place picture and will post several others that were considered in the near future.

My favorite picture

Taken August 27, 2004 in El Reno, OK at my son Rick’s wedding. It was be an “eye-catching” picture just from the content, but the expression on my daughter’s face in the background makes it priceless.  This was the first wedding we had had in the family in thirteen years.  It was in a beautiful, old Catholic church with an old, Irish priest presiding.  Perhaps the most memorable part of the wedding experience was at the rehearsal when the priest said, (and I can’t reproduce the Irish brogue) “No matter what happens during the service tomorrow at the end of it you will be married. If you fall flat on your face as you walk down the aisle, just kiss the floor, say it was and act of contrition and get up and walk on.”  Fortunately, no one fell on their face and most everything went as planned.  It was afterward that I caught this picture.  For those of you who can’t figure out what’s going on, it really is very innocent and they are newly married.  The train of Erin’s wedding gown was made to hook up inside the skirt and her new husband Rick was the only way who knew how to fix it.  The look of consternation on my daughter’s face is purely a coincidence that the camera just happened to catch.

A very, very close second

I don’t know if this fits in the rules since this is actually two pictures. But they have always been an inseparable pair in our family.  They are a before school shot on the left and an after school shot on the right of me and my brother, (he’s the tall one, I’m the cute one) taken in the Philippines in 1948.  It has always been one of my favorites and a standard shot in our family to represent the way we were.  My mother worked very hard to make sure we were always neatly dressed no matter what the occasion, and yet it never seemed to fail that as soon as we were out the door, all of her hard work was for naught.


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The flag of Cheekasia represents the USA where five of our children were born, three in Oklahoma and two in Texas and Malaysia where our son, John was born. While we have lived in several countries none of them affected us like Malaysia.

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Latest Addition to the Family

We welcome Melissa, the latest addition to the family. Her wedding to my nephew Adam gave us the chance to take the closest thing to a full family portrait that we have had for a long time.  We have 31 family members and 28 of them are in the picture.


Family members included are the bride and groom-Adam and Melissa
Parents of the groom–my sister, Ann, and her husband, James, and their son Daniel
My older brother, James, his wife, Sandra, their daughter, Jamie and grandson, Brandon
My younger sister, Alice, her husband, Mike, and their daughters, Brittain and Alyssa
My wife, Jene and I and our children and their families
Shannon, her husband Brent and daughters Erin, Emma & Eliza Grace
Rick and his wife Erin
Matt and his wife Whitney
Bob and his friend Michelle
John and his wife Leanne
and Mark

Missing are my nephew Jim, his wife Nona and daughter Lauren who weren’t able to make the trip from South Carolina

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