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What’s In A Name?

For those who never read the “About” pages, the title of my blog comes from the Keat’s poem, “Fancy”, not to be confused with the Bobbie Gentry song from the 60s. The context of the line is

Oh, sweet Fancy! let her loose;
Every thing is spoilt by use:
Where’s the cheek that doth not fade,
Too much gaz’d at? Where’s the maid
Whose lip mature is ever new?
Where’s the eye, however blue,
Doth not weary? Where’s the face
One would meet in every place?
Where’s the voice, however soft,
One would hear so very oft?
The full text of the poem is easy to find.

 John Keats, 1795-1821

John Keats  1795-1821 


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My Father


My Dad, James Edmon Cheek, was born August 16, 1911 in Mangum, OK. He would be 96 today. He was a career army officer, served in WW2 and Korea and retired as a lieutenant colonel. He went back to school, got 2 degrees, and taught social studies at Carl Albert Jr. High in Midwest City, OK until he retired again in 1977. He was hired to teach Oklahoma History at Rose State College (then known as Carl Albert Junior College) but died of a massive heart attack just before the semester started. The picture was taken in Mangum, OK around 1941.


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Leavin’ on a jet plane. . .

One of my favorite pictures of my wife at a very bittersweet time in our life. She’s walking away from me down Waikiki beach. After spending a glorious week together with our 3 month old daughter in Hawaii, I will soon be boarding a plane to go back to Viet Nam.wednesday-may-31-2006-6.jpg

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