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Academic Globalization of “Genealogy Method”

It looks like genealogists are having a significant impact in the hallowed halls of academia.  This is a message I received on a library listserv:


Academic Globalization of “Genealogy Method”


DEFINITION of “genealogy”:


CURRENT USE DEFINITION of “genealogy method”: Method of investigative scholarship to establish valid generational relationships connecting any specialty, within or between all fields of knowledge.


JUSTIFICATION: Genealogy Method procedures that discover and record connections of kinship, descent and marriage, can also be used to establish accurate understanding of any knowledge system properties, using diagrams, symbols and scholarly analysis.


The “genealogy method” is now being used in real time, within fields of research, to vindicate the truthfulness of conclusions as shown by historical comparison. The “genealogy method”, or “genealogical perspective”, is a looking to the past “reverse” process of economic

methodology, as it relates to the scientific method.



Tel-Aviv University: Genealogy As Evolutionary Dynamics

Understand the evolutionary processes of industrials sectors using a genealogical perspective.



Genealogical Resources & History Links


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