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Big News: Refs Give Irish a Trip to the Sweet 16

You will have to pardon this digression. I will not normally do my whining here. But the Oklahoma women gave a valiant effort tonight playing 5 on 8. Just look at the box score. Oklahoma outrebounded, out 2 pointed, and out 3 pointed the green team. The only stat they didn’t have was free throws. Their opponents shot 24 and the Sooners shot 9. And there was none of that foul ’em to try and catch up ’em with threes at the end of the game nonesense. There were only 3 fouls called on the greenies in the 2nd half and none in the overtime, while their star went to the line 12 times. When did the NCAA pass a rule that if you are a big woman it’s legal to commit mayhem against you on the basketball court? In spite of that the Sooners still had a chance to tie it at the end, but unfortunately their point guard had been fouled out of the game. Oh well, I think I needed something like this to remind me why I hate that greenteam so much.

It was a season where they didn’t quite live up to the pre-season hype but they definitely gave it their best shot at the end. It’s just hard to beat the green shirts and the striped shirts at the same time.



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