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Tell the Devil a story

I can think of no better way to follow up the post about Madeleine L’Engle than to link to this one from a friend. I’ll just give you a little teaser, you need to read the whole post with comments

“Tell God your stories. After all, God is the inventor of our stories- and it’s why the Devil can’t ever quite get the best of God.
Then, when you meet the Devil- woo him, my girl. Woo him with a story and run.”

It reminded me of something I haven’t thought about for a long time. One of my favorite singer/songwriters is Ken Medema. Long ago and far away, he wrote a childrens’ musical entitled “StoryTellin’ Man. It was about Jesus and his parables.  The favorite songs around our house were “Let’s have a party,” “Are you a loser,” and “Beaten up on the highway.” Surely children in some church somewhere are still getting joy of singing Ken’s songs.


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