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“My God, darling I wished my husband looked as good as you!”

The title quote is from the real Maria von Trapp when she first met Christopher Plummer who was to play her husband in the movie version of the Sound of Music. According to one version of the story, the comment was proceeded by the former nun shocking Plummer by giving him a big kiss on the lips. Just a little history of the von Trapp family to fill out my comments about going to the opening of Lyric Theater’s production of the Sound of Music last night. I had very high expectations and was not in the least disappointed. It only took one song for me to forgive Marissa McGowan for not being Julie Andrews. Her character and her voice won me over completely about half way through her second song. She did a great job teaching the Mother Superior to sing “My Favorite Things” in the abbey. The leads in Lyric productions have been consistently good for several years, but Marissa was truly outstanding. By the end I think she had captured more of the real character of Maria Augusta Kutschera von Trapp than the afore mentioned Miss Andrews.

Of course the show demands that the children, as a group, can sing (alot), act (some), and dance (a little), and of course that Gretl be extremely cute. There were also no disappointments here. They did it all, sing, act, dance and be cute. For a sample song see the newsok preview at

I highly recommend this production to anyone who enjoys good musical theater.  I am anxiously awaiting Lyric’s second production, Swing, coming in two weeks.

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Teammates Remember Jack

 The official Sooner sports site, has posted a very nice memorial page for Jack Mildren with comments from his teammates, coaches, administrators and some of his more well-known opponents.  Dr. Tom Osborne said,

I have always respected Oklahoma football, and it’s because of leaders like Jack Mildren.

See what others had to say about Jack at

Oklahoma Remembers Jack Mildren



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